What is Rose Amethyst?

What is Rose Amethyst?

Rose Amethyst is a particular type of Amethyst from Brazil.

What is Rose Amethyst?

Rose Amethyst is a specific variety of Amethyst displaying a gradient of pink and lilac colors. They form in flower-like bunched of prismatic crystals. They are round in cracks in basalt, and ‘plucked’, usually leaving a green chloride contact point on the bottom. The violet or blue hues found in the center are actually Chalcedony. There is a slight distortion to the trigonal crystal habit of this Amethyst, creating stepped patterns on the faces. Pink Amethyst also shares this unusual crystal habit.

Rose Amethyst comes primarily from just one part of BrazilRose Amethyst crystals are unique to the Rio Grande do Sul area of Brazil and the flower shaped specimens can usually be traced to just a few locations which are the only sources for excellent quality blossoms.

Rose Amethyst Vs. Pink Amethyst

rose amethyst vs pink amethyst
Rose Amethyst and Pink Amethyst are not the same crystal. But they do share an unusual crystal habit; they both have a distortion to their trigonal habit, creating a stepped or stair-like pattern on the faces. Rose Amethyst will be a pale pink or lilac color and form in flower-like sprays. They are found only in Rio Grande de Sol in cracks in basalt. The shape of Pink Amethyst looks similar to standard purple Amethyst clusters, as they also form in geodes. Pink Amethyst will have a darker pink shade, sometimes bordering on red.

Rose Amethyst Vs Rose De France Amethyst

Rose De France Amethyst is a trade name for the light lilac Amethyst gemstone created from Rose Amethyst or pale Amethyst.

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