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Genuine, high-quality Amethyst Crystals. Find Raw Amethyst, Amethyst Points, Clusters, Tumbled Stones and everything Amethyst.

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About Amethyst
Purple Amethyst was highly esteemed throughout the history for its striking beauty and legendary powers to stimulate, and calm, the mind and emotions. The word Amethyst derives from ametusthos, the Greek word meaning “not intoxicated”. This is because they believed Amethyst stopped one from becoming too intoxicated and prevented hangovers. Today, it is thought to have healing energies and is associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It is used to enhance meditative states and for energy healing. In ancient cultures, amethyst was connected to the divine.

Amethyst Symbolism

  • Birth Month: February  Sign: Pisces  Chakra: Crown Power: Healing, Protection
  • Dream Stone: For curing insomnia and preventing nightmares
  • Stone of Healing: Amethyst is commonly worn and used by natural healers. It is used for headaches, and issues involving the mind and nervous system. 
  • Stone of Protection: Ancient Greeks wore this stone to protect the body from toxins and from being poisoned. 
  • Stone of Let's Drink Wine: The word Amethyst comes from the Greek for "without drunkenness" because they believed it prevented hangovers ;)
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