The Stone of Hope and Courage

Beloved throughout history, Amazonite’s use dates back to the Ancient Mesopotamians.  A talisman of love, prosperity & harmony, Amazonite syncs the Heart & Throat Chakras, allowing our emotions to be understood and expressed; this balance of heart and mind leads to the most productive self-reflection & introspection. 
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Amazonite Composition

Amazonite is a potassium-rich mineral. It is a blue-green colored variety of potassium feldspar. Amazonite forms triclinic crystals which appear as right-angled rectangles. Its chemical formula is; KAISi3O8                        

Amazonite History

Known to have been used for thousands of years throughout many cultures. Ancient Egyptians held Amazonite in high regard. Gemstones and beaded jewelry were created in Ancient Egypt, and there are many examples of Amazonite jewelry were found in 1922 in The Valley of the King’s, Egypt within King Tut’s burial chamber. Inside of Tutankhamun’s tomb extravagant gemstones and jewelry carved from Amazonite were found. One of the most amazing discoveries within the tomb was the young Kings golden mask resembling and symbolizing the Egyptian God Osiris. It was carved from 24 karat gold and inlaid with many crystals and gemstones, one of which is Amazonite.


Amazonite Formation

A Massive Amazonite Specimen.Amazonite minerals are formed deep within the core of the Earth under immense heat and pressure and are deposited as an aggregate in igneous rock. Amazonite is found in plutonic granite rock, and pegmatite, which are both the remains of magma flow from the Earths core which has escaped, cooled and solidified into mineral-rich rock formations. Amazonite is most desirable as a pure green gemstone. Most Amazonite samples have white streaks throughout them which can be beautiful, but many collectors consider this streaking undesirable. The blue-green color is due to the trace impurities of lead and a combination of water within the mineral. The undesirable white streaking is formed when the mineral ‘Albite' forms small white crystals inside Amazonite. The desirable coloring is dependent on the trace amounts of lead and water and lack of Albite crystalline formations within.

Amazonite Origin and Locality

Named in 1847 by Johann Friedrich August in an unspecified area near the Amazon River. Presumably named for its green color which resembles the color of the tropical Amazon rainforest, where it was once believed to be found and formed from the Amazon River where certain green stones have been mined, hence the name ‘Amazonite’. This fact is doubtful however, Amazonite is limited to certain areas around the globe. It is almost exclusively mined in Russia in the Llmensky Mountains. It can also be found in the Tbesti Mountains in Libya and in Xinjiang, China. Although recent discoveries have been found in granite, and pegmatite (intertwining of loose igneous rock and crystals) in Pikes Peak, and El Paso County, Colorado. It has also been verified in the Morefield Mine in Maelia Courthouse, Virginia.