Apatite was first described by geologist Abraham Gottlob in 1786. The name Apatite comes from the Greek word “to deceive” because it is easy to mistake for other minerals.  

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Blue Apatite Palm Stone. Apatite is a popular stone for lapidary work.

Apatite Composition

Apatite is a Mineral comprised of phosphate (PO43−), arsenate (AsO43−), vanadate (VO43−), chlorine (Cl), fluorine, (F), and hydroxide (OH) giving Apatite its chemical formula; Ca5(P04)3(F,CI,OH).  Apatite can form in a variety of hexagonal crystal structure’s and colors making it very difficult to identify.

Apatite Formation

Apatite can form in a variety of geological circumstances. It can be found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rock. In some cases, deposits of Apatite is found in marine and freshwater environments where an accumulation of phosphate mineralization from decaying organisms has occurred. Some Apatite crystals can form in hydrothermal veins deep inside the earth and inside of extremely large igneous rocks known as “pegmatite”. Crystals within pegmatite are usually at least one centimeter in diameter.

Apatite Sources

There are many noteworthy Apatite localities where excellent specimens have been produced. Many localities within Europe, and areas in Russia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and in some U.S states.

Apatite Modern Uses and Everyday Life

Phosphorus is extracted from the mineral to be used in the fertilization of crop in the farming industry. Apatite is a main component of bone mineral and tooth enamel and assists in the absorption of calcium which promotes bone growth, making it an excellent ingredient in toothpaste. It is also widely used in the chemical industry for making acids and phosphate compounds.


Apatite Meaning

raw blue apatite slabs shown with a metaphysical meaning card by Cape Cod CrystalsValued for its charming beauty, upbeat energy and manifestation properties, Apatite stones encourage productivity and quick-thinking. Whether you’re a student or a CEO, this is an excellent stone to keep on your desk as it helps to reduce stress and increase focus.

Apatite Healing Properties

Apatite can be used as a fast-acting emotional reboot any time you’re feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and looming deadlines. Turn to this stone for a moment of tranquility when you feel that stress is interfering with your productivity or happiness. It will firmly ground you as it draws out negativity and tension while slowing down racing thoughts. Not only will Apatite help you to feel centered and calm, it will also inspire feelings of creativity and determination to assist you in completing all necessary work to your greatest ability.

A stone of manifestation, Apatite helps us turn our dreams into reality by encouraging us to be more accepting of possibilities for our futures. By placing your goals at the forefront of your mind, you will more readily notice and accept opportunities to learn or grow in the direction you choose. Through helping us to think outside the box and feel confident in our abilities, Apatite teaches us that there are multiple paths leading to the same destination and that obstacles do not have to block our way to success.

Apatite Healing Use

teal apatite stonesRevered for helping us efficiently maintain a fulfilling work-life balance, Apatite can be a valuable tool to use when creating daily, weekly or monthly schedules. Hold a piece of Apatite or wear it in jewelry while creating to-do lists or filling out calendars. Its positive energy will inspire you to plan out your days with sufficient time to complete tasks, and schedule in some fun or relaxing activities to keep your spirits high and cared for.

Apatite Chakra Benefits

Apatite clears and activates the lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus), to help us feel grounded and able to enthusiastically pursue our goals.

Apatite Zodiac Signs

Geminis are believed to strongly connect to and benefit from Apatite.

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