Blue Lace Agate

raw blue lace agate specimens by cape cod crystals

What is Blue Lace Agate?

The Wavy Stripes of Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a form of banded Chalcedony that is unique to Ysterputs, a mine in Namibia, South Africa. It is unlike other Agates in its formation, but similar to Agates that form via Horizontal Banding. While its full formation process is still unknown, we do know it is a result of many layers of microcrystalline Quartz that build and dissolve and rebuild over time. It often includes tiny lavender Quartz crystals and is coated with pointed, dogtooth Calcite. 

Where does Blue Lace Agate Come From?

The Blue Lace Agate available today comes from one specific mine in Nambia: Ysterputs. This mine 'discovered' and named Blue Lace Agate in the 1970s. While a few similar deposits of Agate have been found, nothing compares to the Blue Lace Agate that was produced by Ysterputs. This mine is no longer in operation. 

Why is Blue Lace Agate Blue?

Blue Lace Agate Tumbled Stones by Cape Cod Crystals - Blue Lace Agate Appears Blue for the Same Reason the Sky Appears Blue.While many blue stones, like Lapis Lazuli, appear blue because of a pigment, Blue Lace Agate appears blue for the same reason the sky appears blue. Its color is a result of 'Rayleigh scattering'. The blue color is something we perceive because of a Quantum interaction between atoms that results in light being scattered. Essentially, when photons (light) hit a piece Blue Lace Agate, the light causes atoms to align in a particular way that 'sends out' blue light towards our eyes. This is why Blue Lace Agate's color will not fade over time.  This is a very simple explanation of something quite complicated, but it important to know that Blue Lace Agate's color is unique and helps to distinguish Blue Lace Agate from dyed stones. 



Meaning and Healing Properties of Blue Lace Agate 

Although not officially categorized until 1967, Blue Lace Agate has been used for ages. Remnants of the ancient use of this stone have been found in Egypt, Persia and Greece. The Egyptians were known to use this mystical stone as an eye ailment. Though you won’t find this being prescribed by your doctor, this stone gives us a plethora of modern day uses.

The keeper of this stone can expect a subtle and constant nudge of support in their interactions with the people around them. Giving boosts of clarity and confidence, Blue Lace Agate allows you to speak with conviction. This stone works to magnify the effects of our efforts in all areas of our life. This stone not only brings healing to the throat chakra but is said to uplift our overall well being.

A large blue Lace Agate Specimen from Cape Cod Crystals

Adorned with delicate lines of soft white and powdery blues, Blue Lace Agate is as calming to hold as it is to admire. An immensely soothing stone, this beautiful variety of Agate dispels fiery emotions and heals with words. Through enhancing our ability to communicate, Blue Lace Agate can support us in verbalizing our emotions and clearly expressing ourselves

This property is especially useful for anyone struggling to address past burdens or traumas. This stone supports us emotionally when we’re ready to uncover difficult subjects and helps us to heal through speaking about what we once held in. Doing so can feel emotionally taxing but Blue Lace Agate is precisely the stone to have near when feeling drained or overwhelmed. It balances our emotions as it grounds us and sends the subtle message that everything will be okay.

Aside from helping those who have difficulty finding the right words, Blue Lace Agate can also benefit anyone who tends to babble, speak without thinking, or feels uncomfortable in silence. Its calming nature encourages us to slow down and find serenity in silence.


Known as the caregiver’s stone, Blue Lace Agate is perfect for nurses, teachers, nannies, and anyone who draws from compassion and relies on communication in their line of work. It relieves emotional exhaustion and helps one to feel centered in stressful circumstances.

How to Use Blue Lace Agate

a smaller raw specimen of Blue Lace Agate Blue Lace Agate’s calming nature makes it an excellent meditation stone. Keep the stone close to your body and imagine yourself channeling all of your tension into the stone where it seeps through the fine lines like sand slips through fingers.

Blue Lace Agate Chakra Benefits

As a stone of communication and emotion, Blue Lace Agate gently supports the throat chakra.

Blue Lace Agate also clears and cleanses the root, heart and third eye chakras, helping us to feel grounded as we allow our emotions to surface and be thoughtfully examined. 

Blue Lace Agate Zodiac Signs

Blue Lace Agate is thought to work harmoniously with those born under the Gemini and Pisces signs.




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