Blue Scheelite Meaning and Properites

Blue Scheelite is a unique combination stone coming from Turkey. It is actually a mix of blue Calcite in Dolomite and forms striking banding patterns. Metaphysically Blue Scheelite is a spiritual guide and protector. It offers a conduit to the angelic realm, renewal and emotional support. 

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What is Blue Scheelite? Found only in Turkey, Blue Scheelite is a relatively new discovery that is still being researched and is gaining popularity in the metaphysical space. It has been available on the market since around 2014. Blue Scheelite is not actually a type of Scheelite; it was originally misidentified by the mine and the name stuck. It is a mix of Blue Calcite, Dolomite and a few other trace minerals that make it unique and visually captivating stone. Lapis Lace Onyx is another new nickname for the stone but not a Lapis or Onyx. It is also called Blue Rhodochrosite because the patterning is similar. However, there actually is a very rare variety of Rhodochrosite that is blue that is not associated with this stone - just to make it a little more confusing!  Right now we know it is Blue Calcite and Dolomite coming from a single deposit.

Blue Scheelite Metaphysical Properties

Intuition and Spiritual Awareness: Blue Scheelite invites exploration into intuition and spiritual dimensions, unveiling connections to inner wisdom and higher consciousness. Connected to the divine realm, the blue Calcite acts as a flowing conduit for divine inspiration and angelic communication. 

Communication and Throat Chakra: With Blue Scheelite, clarity and sincerity in expression are empowered, weaving narratives of truth and authenticity. Its script-like patterns also allow for the flow of ideas and words. It is a great stone for writing lyrics or poetry or helping with journaling. 

Emotional Healing: Blue Scheelite offers a gentle touch of serenity, easing burdens of stress and anxiety, guiding towards emotional equilibrium.

Personal Growth and Transformation: Helps with accepting changing and finding new paths. Each stone is its own map illuminating paths of self-discovery and evolution.

Harmony and Balance: Unity of mind, body, and spirit, are guided by Blue Scheelite. Moves us towards serenity and equilibrium. Intermingled stones like this all have some properties associated with unification and bonds. For Calcite and Dolomite together, I would say it regards emotional balance and uniting the physical with the spiritual.  

Protection: Dolomite is highly protective and shielding stone. Both energetically and environmentally. 

New Beginnings: Calcite is a stone that washes away the old. It is a stone of renewal and can help create a fresh slate for new experiences. 

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