A stone for your inner goddess. Chrysocolla is a vibrant, unusual stone that encourages confidence, creativity and brings joy and music to our daily routines. 

Raw and tumbled Chrysocolla. Chrysocolla is a unique mineral with vibrant teal color.

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Chrysocolla History & Science

Theophrastus in 315 B.C. was the first to use the name Chrysocolla. It comes from the Greek chrysos, meaning "gold," and kolla, meaning “glue," referring to its use as a flux in soldering gold. In 1808, mineralogist André-Jean-François-Marie Brochant de Villiers revived this name. 

Chrysocolla often forms with MalachiteChrysocolla does not form visible crystals; instead, it forms in balls, bubbly plates or in massive form. Generally, Chrysocolla is considered amorphous, meaning it does not have a  consistent crystal shape. Opal is another example of an amorphous mineral. Also like Opal, Chrysocolla does not have a defined chemical formulation; the basic formula is Cu2H2Si2O5(OH)4 but also contains varying levels of other elements and water. Chrysocolla occurs in many important copper deposits and is an ore of copper.

Stone of the Goddess

“It is a stone of the Goddess, and those who resonate with Chrysocolla will likely feel her ancient and enduring energies rising within themselves” - Simmons, 142

Chrysocolla is a stone of both gentleness and of power. It allows the fluidity of emotion, expression, grace and poise. Chrysocolla captivates with its vibrant changeability, uniqueness and empowering energy.

Chrysocolla Healing Properties

Stone of Sound & Chakra Harmony


Chrysocolla is a stone that enhances our experience of sound, whether we are listening or speaking. A wonderful stone for those who sing, speak mantras or rely on public speaking in their profession.

Chrysocolla encourages expression. Harmonizing the heart and throat chakras, Chrysocolla deepens our understanding of others. This special empathy also helps our own words flow and allows us to ‘talk through’ anything. It inspires us to be expressive and genuine and to speak our knowledge. In the process of teaching others, we deepen our own knowledge, each time making new connections. As a ‘teaching stone’, Chrysocolla helps us to share our knowledge in a way that allows it to be freely accepted by the listener, but never to become too certain of what we know. By keeping our curiosity alive and questioning our knowledge, it makes each day new and brings wonder back to the world. We must make room in the mind for mystery.

Stone of Fulfillment and Enjoyment

Chrysocolla helps us to turn our thought into words, and our words into action. Chrysocolla encourages spontaneity, physical activity, laughter and saying ‘yes’ more often. The vibrant spark of Chrysocolla can ignite our passions and let us pursue our own happiness without apology.

Chrysocolla Chakra Healing




Chrysocolla also links the Base chakra to the heart and throat chakras, making this a stone of vitality and one that can allow us to maximize our own physical and mental energies. As we become aware of our own life-force, we can a new appreciation for the amazing machinery of our bodies. From the way our body moves, to our sense of taste, to the millions of internal processes we are unaware of, our physical being is an amazing thing.  Even becoming momentarily mindful of this miracle can give us a moment of awe and appreciation.


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