Cookeite Meanings : Peace, Guidance, Friendship, Knowledge, Cooperation

What is Cookeite?

Cookeite is an uncommon member of the Chlorite mineral group and is often associated with Tourmaline, however it can be found in conjunction with Quartz. It comes in a variety of colors and can form in small drusy crystals or tiny spherical crystals.

Cookeite Properties 

Metaphysically, Cookeite is best known for its calming effect. Its Lithium content makes it anxiety-reducing and gives it tranquil energy similar to Lepidolite. Smaller pieces are excellent in grids or layouts and larger stones are useful for creating a peaceful environment in a communal space such as a dining room. Since Cookeite is also a stone of cooperation, it is excellent for businesses, classrooms, conference areas, therapist offices and any shared workspaces where communication and synergy are important.

Cookeite’s ability to facilitate communication extends to the spirit realm and is often used when contacting a spirit guide or higher power for guidance. Some attribute guidance itself to the Cookeite and consider it a stone that awakens latent knowledge or connects us to communicate human knowledge that links all of mankind.

Cookeite is beneficial to all zodiac signs, but resonates most powerfully with Sagittarius who benefit from social activity and being more receptive to help from others.

Cookeite is named in honor of Josiah Parsons Cooke Jr., a Harvard University scientist who was instrumental in the measurement of atomic weights. Cookeite Chemical Formula: LiAl5Si3O10(OH)

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