Fire Element Energy

Unlike any other animal, Man is intrigued by fire. Our ability to utilize fire was the beginning of our rise as a species and enabled us to consume meat, stay warm, fend off predators and illuminate the night. So, Fire is both symbolically and literally an element of power, life and protection. Fire represents the vitality of man, the human spirit, our will and motivation. It also is connected with sexuality and passion.

Fire is naturally associated with the sun, our life giving star. Man’s relationship with the sun has always been a one of worship and respect. Our ancient ancestors saw it as a god of duality, that had the powers of creation and destruction. Today, we know how right they were; The Earth and everything on it were created from the residual elements that swirled around our star. Including ourselves, all matter on Earth came from our star, and the Sun’s energy still allows for the existence of the life that formed on Earth. While it did ‘create’ us, it also has an immense capacity for destruction and its awesome power is totally beyond our control.  Fire too is both a tool for sustaining life and is a force of nature that has the ability to destroy once out of our control. 

These two powers may seem to conflict on the surface, but actually are one in the same. Fire is often associated with cleansing, renewal and rebirth. Like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes. But the concept of rebirth is not just symbolic: forest fires are actually an important part of the lifecycle of a forest and necessary for the forest’s ecosystem to continue. Fire clears away the overgrown clutter that blocks out light from the forest floor and allows for a balancing of the plant life. It also provides nutrients to soil allowing for growth to continue and life to flourish. Without fire, forests would actually become choked and ultimately cease to produce. In Feng Shui, the Earth, in particular, Wood energies are complementary to the Fire element. It is suggested that placing green and brown crystals near red or orange ones will enhance their effects.There is certainly a fascinating link between Man’s social and metaphysical understanding of fire and our contemporary scientific understanding.


Updated April 11th 2018

To be continued.


Fire Energy Crystals



Tiger's Eye


Rose Quartz

Red Crystals



Orange Crystals



Some Yellow Crystals

Fire Opal

Orange Calcite

Some Violet & Blue Crystals