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Ilvaite was first described in 1811 on the island of Elba for which it is named. While it may not be noticeable to the eye, Ilvaite exhibits Pelicrohism, appearing to change colors depending on the viewing angle. Ilvaite, particularly in polarized light, will appear to be light brown, dark brown, and dark green. 

Member of: Lawsonite Group
Formula (repeating unit): Ca(Fe2+)2Fe3+[O|OH|Si2O7]
Crystal system: Monoclinic
Crystal class: Prismatic (2/m) 
Mohs scale hardness: 5.5-6
Streak: black (or very dark green)

Metaphysical Information

Universally agreed upon metaphysical information about Ilvaite is a bit sparse; it is a fairly rare and expensive item and isn’t often carried by many metaphysical or rock shops. But based on what we do know about Ilvaite, we can begin to understand the properties of this special mineral.

In appearance and feel, Ilvaite would compare to an extremely high-quality piece of Black Tourmaline. Almost as if 2 specimens of Tourmaline were to merge - it is very dense, very black and looks as though it is made of thousands of perfectly straight, black blades.

When held, it feels strong, heavy and almost like a tool or device. Ilvaite has an air of mystery and importance about it. Almost otherworldly.

Ilvaite has special electric and magnetic properties that make it valuable to scientists as well as mineral collectors. There are many scientific studies and papers discussing Ilvaite; it is of interest to physicists and quantum physicists because it has a unique arrangement of differing Fe(iron) molecules.

Ilvaite occurrences are somewhat rare, or rather, our finding specimens is rare. Ilvaite can form in solid masses but specimens occur singularly, embedded within other massive deposits, appearing at the boundary between different types of minerals. Ilvaite crystals are structurally related to Lawsonite and occur with Rhodonite, Sphalerite, and Garnet. Ilvaite also occurs beneath marble or granite, and with Quartz, Chalcopyrite, Calcite - and several others. 

large ilvaite specimenIlvaite can be thought of as stone that exists in a state of balance and potential. It embodies the infinite cycle and indestructibility of energy. But it also is an example of temporality and the importance of appreciating the moment we are in. It also draws attention to the special set of circumstances that lead up to this moment. One can image Ilvaite as a stone that unifies and harmonizes but also stands apart. Ilvaite can be a reminder to stand our ground when necessary and appreciate others who do the same, even if they stand against us. It helps us to choose our words carefully and listen with a deeper understanding. A stone for truth, independence, and stabilization. Ilvaite has also been considered a stone for protection, grounding, and wisdom. 


A centering and grounding mineral, Ilvaite is considered to be a strong base. It supports the Root Chakra, offering protection and stability. It can be used to achieve a state of deep confidence. Like an anchor, it can be a good stone for those who thoughts tend to drift naturally into worries or anxieties.

As an energetic stone, Ilvaite also resonates with the Crown Chakra. A Root/Crown stone can be an excellent combination for meditation as it expands consciousness while keeping our thoughts from straying. The Root Chakra is our place of security and is important when trying to reach deeper states of relaxation and higher states of mind.

Meditation & Perspective

Ilvaite can help us appreciate our uniqueness among all things. Often we associate mediation or spirituality with trying to ‘become one’, but a focus on the reverse can be equally as enlightening. A certain sense of wonder arises when recognizing the special energy of each thing around us, and of ourselves in the moment.

Black Color Energy & Creativity

Ilvaite is born at a crossroads (between different mineral types) and can help us to feel comfortable in situations that might be stressful or overwhelming. Like all black stones or crystals, Ilvaite has protective energy. It does not keep us from the dark, but it makes us feel safe when stepping into the shadows.

It can provoke curiosity and imagination. Just as a blank canvas is white, Black too is a color of endless possibility. It is the color of the unknown and the hidden. It is thought that Ilvaite is particularly good at sparking ingenuity, inventiveness and coming up with unusual solutions. An excellent stone for artists and writers.


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" The crystal structure of ilvaite can be described as a framework of infinite edge-sharing double chains of Fe(8d)OsOH-octahedra connected by Si2OT-groups and running parallel to the e-axis. The sixfold coordinated interstices of the framework are occupied by Fe2+(4c) and the sevenfold coordinated interstices by Ca. " - F.J. Litterst and G. Amthauer