Formed the wood of ancient trees. Jet connects us to the energies and knowledge of the Earth. Jet convert negativity into pure, usable energy. An excellent grounding and protection stone, Jet can also be used in any cleansing practice and removes energy blockages. Smooth and sleek, this stone’s classic beauty lies in its simplicity.

Smooth and sleek, this stone’s classic beauty lies in its simplicity. Jet Palm Stones by Cape Cod Crystals.

Historically worn in jewelry during times of mourning, Jet is a stark black or occasionally a dark brown mineraloid which formed in the lithification process of driftwood from tree species which no longer exist. Smooth and sleek, this stone’s classic beauty lies in its simplicity. An excellent converter of energy, Jet encourages us to connect to the earth’s energies and direct it toward the areas we need the most help with.

Aside from helping us to channel powerful, productive energy into areas we seek improvement, Jet gently cleanses spaces and auras, removing toxic energies before sealing us in a protective barrier from negativity. After cleansing yourself with Jet, you may notice that you not only feel lighter and relieved but also motivated and capable. This is because Jet doesn’t just release negative energy’s grip on your auric field, it converts that unwanted energy into pure, usable energy. Jet teaches us that obstacles and hardships don’t have to stop us from achieving our goals. We can learn how to turn the strength we use to stay afloat during times of struggle into a drive to change our situation for the better.

Include Jet in any healing or cleansing practice to neutralize negativity and purify energy. Use it in crystal grids, body layouts or place it near other stones to cleanse them.

Jet can purify and remove blockages in all chakras and help us to ground ourselves through the base chakra.

Jet is a birthstone of Capricorn and those born under the Capricorn sign are believed to experience a stronger connection to this stone.


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