Magma Chalcedony, Crocoite in Chalcedony

Magma Chalcedony is a relatively rare stone found at Java Island in Indonesia. Magma Chalcedony's striking appearance is caused by iron oxide and chalcedony banding that is infused with small Crocoite crystals, causing bright pink, orange and red hues. 

The appearance of Magma Chalcedony mirrors the flowing of lava. A fiery energy, but still very grounded. Like Magma, it transforms the landscape of our lives and creates a 'new earth'. It is good for forging new paths, removing obstacles, and self discovery.

It is a stone of vitality and powerfully connected to the transformative powers of the ancient earth. The Crocoite aslo is also an intense heart chakra stone with a strong vibration. 

What is Crocoite? Crocoite is a mineral species consisting of lead chromate, with the chemical formula PbCrO4. It typically forms in long, prismatic crystals with a bright, vivid red to orange-red color, which is highly distinctive and eye-catching. The energy of Crocoite is one of love and amplification. It is thought to attract new love and other opportunities. It can also have an energetic amplicaifaction effect on other stones and on oneself. 

A very collectible and pricey mineral, Crocoite is typical sought for its value in the mineral market. Magma Chalcedony is a nice alternative to a raw Crocoite crystal because it is more affordable. It is also safer to handle whereas free Crocoite crystals are very fragile and do contain lead. Generally though, as long as you wash your hands, Crocoite is also fine to be around and handle with care. Magma Chalcedony is also more fade resistant than free Crocoite crystals. So Magma Chalcedony a nice way to incorporate a little rarity into your collection and you can hold/handle it. 

As the name suggested, Magma Chalcedony has a Chalcedony base. Chalcedony is a balancing and calming stone so the combination of the intense, vibrant energy of Crocoite and softening Chalcedony is a very unique vibe. And appearance wise it is very lovely and unusual. 

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