Seraphinite Tumbled Stones
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Seraphinite Origin and Rarity

Seraphinite was discovered by Russian mineralogist Nikolay Koksharov (1818-1892 or 1893) near Lake Baikal in Siberia. Still today, the only true specimens come from this small piece of the Earth. It may seem strange to have such a specific origin, but when considering Lake Baikal's uniqueness, it is not surprising that it should bring forth unique minerals and crystals; It is the oldest existing freshwater lake on Earth, estimated to be 20 million–25 million years old. Compare this to the majority of lakes in the worlds, which date at only 20,000 years old. Many of the lifeforms there are found only there. As humanity advanced and industry came to this area, the lake did suffer the effects of pollution, particularly form the paper industry. Fortunately, it became a protected World Heritage location. Now laws and its residents protect this natural wonder.

Metaphysical & Healing Properties

large, grade a seraphinite. Mica creates the silvery flashes in Seraphinite. Seraphinite’s rich green color is woven with glistening mica, which creates this stone’s gorgeous patterns and chatoyancy. Seraphinite’s deep green color energy is energizing and refreshing. Like all green stones, they embody growth, renewal, rebirth, and regeneration. It is said that Seraphinite effects both the holder and the beholder, meaning that just to see Seraphinite can have the same effect as holding or wearing it. This ‘viewing’ effect is also attributed to other minerals, and the oldest description of this phenomena was described by the ancient Greek Theophrastus, a student of Aristotle. 

Seraphinite is a type of Clinochlore, (Mg,Fe2+)5Al2Si3O10(OH)8. and so many of its healing properties overlap. Clinochlore is used as an aid for lifting the veil between worlds, be it the angelic realm or other planes. It is a stone used to ‘raise one’s vibration’ and experience things normally outside the range of perception. As its name suggests, Seraphinite is for some, the best type of Clinochlore for raising one’s vibration and connecting with the angelic realm. The name Seraphinite comes from the word Seraph, the highest order of angels. To some, Seraphinite is the most powerful tool for connection to the angelic realm.

Chakra Healing

Seraphinite is considered beneficial to all chakras, aligning energies at the spinal cord and allowing us to connect with our ‘etheric bodies’ or the Aura of energy that surrounds us. It has been noted that Seraphinite placed on the Third Eye Chakra can aid enlightenment and it has a gentle cleansing effect on the Heart Chakra.


See Available Seraphinite Specimens