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Crystal Mystery Box

Crystal Mystery Box

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Crystal Mystery Box by Cape Cod Crystals. See what a mystery box has in store for you! Mystery boxes are carefully selected sets of crystals that meet or often exceed the value of the box price. 

You can select raw crystals, polished pieces or the mix option which is just telling me you like both and it will be a total mystery. There is also a $10-$50 tumbled stone set option. 

You will receive at least two crystals per box. The prices of the boxes do not necessarily indicate the amount of crystals, but the total value of the crystals. A $50 box and $400 box could both contain 7 crystals, the $400 option would be higher value pieces. 

These boxes include items that may not be shown on my website or that you have never heard of but each item will be labeled and have a meaning card. 

Please allow an extra day of processing for the mystery boxes. I don't make these in advance and each box is thoughtfully put together after you order. 

For now, I can't accept specific requests on these. If you have a particular crystal you would like, I can find it for you outside the mystery box option. 

Remember to be open-minded to what you receive. That's the fun of a mystery! 

Enjoy and all the best,

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