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Elite Shungite, Karelian

Elite Shungite, Karelian

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This listing is for one Karelian, Elite Shungite stone. This Shugnite is the highest grade commercially available - Elite Shungite is considered the purest Shungite with a carbon content of at least 97%. These Elite Shungite stones come from 

Karelia, Russia and have a shiny or lustrous surface. All stones are pure Elite Shungite with no trace inclusions.  In the Metaphysical world, Shungite is considered one of the best crystals for healing and essential for Chakra balancing and energy cleansing/healing. It is also the premier stone of EMF protection. 

    • You will receive one Elite shungite stone in the size of your choice
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  • Karelia, Russia
  • Includes my Shungite meaning card
  • Ships within 2 business days

Shungite formed 2 billion years ago, and its formation is still uncertain. There were competing theories, some stating that it formed in the ancient seas, from special microscopic organisms which no longer exist. Another proposal suggested it came from space on a meteorite. Scientists question the formation of Shungite because it unlike any other mineral we know of. It is the only stone to contain antioxidants and have the ability to kill germs.

Today, Shungite is highly sought by healers and those looking for both physical and emotional relief. This reputation likely comes from the stones healing history and scientifically proven purification powers. Shungite has been used medicinally for centuries, notably during the time of Peter the Great (1682 -1725) The following is an excerpt from ' Medical Geology: A Regional Synthesis ' by Olle Selinus & Robert B. Finkelman:

“Resting after a long march in one of the Kola counties, Tsar Peter, after advice from the local population, took a bath and drank water from the outcrops of the Shungite rocks. He felt relief and the impression was so strong, he opened the first Russian spa resort there. The active use of the Kola shungites as an antibacterial treatment for water purification in the Russian army also became possible after an edict of Tsar Peter. One of the reasons for the success of Tsar Peter in the battle of Poltava in 1709 against Swedish troops was the possibility to purify drinking water by means of natural shungite. This has continued to this day. Scientists of Saint Petersburg University in collaboration with experts of the City enterprise Vodokanal (water supplier) have confirmed antibacterial properties of the Kola shungites. They proved antagonism of bacteria in shungite rocks to test cultures of pathogenic microorganisms" - pg 223

In the modern age, we discovered that Shungite is able to purify water, in part, because it has powerful antioxidant effects. Shungite is one of the only known natural materials known to contain fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants. It is fascinating that Shungite should have these properties, considering it is usually living things that nature has given such survival tools. However, like a living creature, Shungite is comprised of Carbon. Carbon is one of the elemental building blocks of the structures of life.

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