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Galaxy Obsidian Palm Stone, Uncommon

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This listing is for one Galaxy Obsidain palm stone - Galaxy Obsidain is the trade name for an unusual type of black Obsidian coming from the Java Islands. It is a natural black obsidian with inclusions that are thought to be quartz and tiny pockets of bubbles surrounding the inclusions make this stone look like a cluster of stars when back lit. An unusual and lovely piece for any collection.

Galaxy obsidian exhibits metaphysical properties that resonate with both ancient and contemporary esoteric traditions. This volcanic glass, characterized by its dark, lustrous sheen and subtle iridescent highlights, exudes profound energetic qualities. Galaxy obsidian also serves as a catalyst for unveiling hidden truths and promoting self-reflection. Its reflective surface functions as a mirror into one's psyche, encouraging profound exploration of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. In this way, it aids in the removal of internal obstacles and the release of pent-up emotions, fostering personal growth and transformation. It is Grounding and protective. Galaxy obsidian establishes a strong connection with the Earth's core energy, facilitating a stable and secure foundation for spiritual exploration. It acts as a shield against negative energies and external influences, providing a safeguard against psychic attacks and harm.

Approximate Stone Size: 2.25in X 1.5in X .7in
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