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This is a Hemimorphite specimen with aqua blue color like tropical water. With its light-hearted and jovial presence, Hemimorphite inspires us to generate our own happiness through creativity and relationships - it sparks a passion for new projects and the renewed enthusiasm to see them through to completion. It can be a reminder to communicate with friends, express our gratitude to family and attract joy and positivity into our lives.

Specimen HEM-0013
Approximate Dimensions: 3in x 2.25in x 1.5in
Weight: 5.1oz
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Origin: Mexico

Learn More About Hemimorphite Here

Hemimorphite is a unique, rare crystal that appeals to both scientists and collectors. It is highly energetic, vibrantly colored and a beautiful piece for both healing and display. Hemimorphite occurs above Zinc deposits, and forms as either white crystals, or teal clusters with a cloud-like shape. It is found in Mexico, China, Southwestern United States and Italy.

The unique electrical properties and water elemental energy of Hemimorphite make this the ultimate crystal for a boost of positive energy. Hemimorphite’s had the vivid aqua color and rolling shape of tropical waters - it brings both relaxation and invigoration. Its intense color is a rarity in the mineral world, making Hemimorphite a special piece of nature.

The name Hemimorphite refers to its structure, meaning “half-formed”. Only a few other minerals show ‘hemimorphic’ character, but none show it as well as Hemimorphite. This unique formation gives Hemimorphite special electrical properties.


Learn More About Hemimorphite Here


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