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Premium Kunzite Bead Bracelet , 8mm

Premium Kunzite Bead Bracelet , 8mm

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These are beautiful Lavender Kunzite bracelets made from natural, high-quality Kunzite beads. This Kunzite is a lavender pink and the beads have just a hint of chatoyancy.

You will receive one bracelet like the ones shown and my Kunzite meaning card
Bead Size: 8mm
Bracelet Size: 7in
Will fit wrist sizes up to 6.8in
Ships within 2 business days

Kunzite is a lovely, natural pink crystal that inspires joy, lightheartedness and creativity. Kunzite is a stone often given to or worn by first-time mothers. It is thought that Kunzite creates or strengthens lifelong bonds and is a stone of true, committed love. Kunzite aids in major life and spiritual transitions.


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