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Rose Angel Aura Quartz Stone (Electroplated)

Rose Angel Aura Quartz Stone (Electroplated)

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This listing is for one gorgeous Rose Aura Quartz Stone with pink iridescent color. Aura Rose Quartz is created with the same Platinum used in Angel Aura Quartz but begins with pink Rose Quartz crystal adding the essence of unconditional love and heart chakra healing properties. 

You will receive one Aura stone like shown

Ships within 2 business days

Includes my Angel Aura Quartz Card

Learn More About Aura Quartz Here

*All Aura Quartz is Electroplated* Aura Quartz is created with a modern process of transforming metals using magnetism that harkens to the ancient practices of alchemy. These beautiful blends of science and nature have become beloved healing crystals that are thought to resonate with every chakra, balancing the energy centers of the body and solidifying the aura. 



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