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Spiderweb Jasper Stone

Spiderweb Jasper Stone

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Enchanting Spiderweb Jasper stones with striking black webbing covering a white base. These are all lovely, captivating stones. This listing is for one stone like the pictures shown.

You will receive one stone like shown
These are smaller stones, sizes range from .5" - .7" in length
** Each Tumbled Stone is unique and will have its own character, shape and texture **
Ships within 2 business days

Spider Web Jasper (Also Known as Net Jasper)

A strangely beautiful and captivating stone, Spider Web Jasper is crisscrossed and webbed with strands of Black. Its captivating appearance is a result of its creation; Spiderweb Jasper forms as nearly all Jasper does, in deep fissures or cracks in the Earth. The white Jasper then is cracked by the immense pressure of the shifting earth, and then Black Jasper fills these new fissures. Over time, the Jaspers merge, creating the striking black and white patterns of Spiderweb Jasper.

Most commonly, Spiderweb Jasper is associated with peace and comfort. I find it to have more intriguing and active energy. Web Jasper is credited for drawing away negative emotions and ‘filtering’ them. But they can also be thought of as little containers rather than filters. We choose what energies/emotions to place inside and when released, they are returned to us in a more pure form.

Web Jasper certainly catches the eye and can be an enchanting gazing stone. The fine weaving patterns of this stone make a perfect place to rest the eyes during meditative contemplation. A stone of ingenuity, discovery, and creativity.
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