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Chlorite and Lodolite

Heavily included Quartz is also known as Lodolite, Occluded Quartz or Garden Quartz when there appears to be organic matter encapsulated within the crystal. It usually contains green Chlorite, purple Chlorite is rarer. There may also be feldspar along with a range of other minerals that come together to form a beautiful scene inside Quartz. Working in harmony, Lodolite is thought to be a bridge to the ethereal and eternal, each containing a special essence of the cosmos. No two are alike! 

When Chlorite is present in Quartz, we have a crystal that synchronizes the flow of energy between the Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra, or the emotion and spiritual. It offers guidance, clearing our path for growth and new experiences. Chlorite that has taken root inside Quartz empowers and motivates us during our own personal winters or times of struggle. It asks us to appreciate the process and find joy in the everyday tasks that we might normally find tedious or not think much about at all. Finding value and beauty in something every day creates optimism and can rekindle our natural curiosity and creativity.