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Chrysanthemum Stones

Beautiful, natural Chrysanthemum Stones with white flowers that are produced 100% by nature. What is a Chrysanthemum stone? Chrysanthemum stones are black stones with what appears to be a white flower blooming on its surface. These wonders occur naturally thanks to Celestite crystals. Celestite forms crystals in a star-like pattern. This structure is why it appears as if a flower has grown on a stone. Along with Celestite, Chrysanthemum stones contain many trace elements including gold, silver, bismuth, selenium, and strontium. 

The black part of the stone is Limestone which is normally a light color, but organic carbon makes the Limestone in Chrysanthemums black. 

Chrysanthemum stones formed at the bottom of ancient oceans, 270 million years ago. At the ocean’s floor, the pressure is immense. This caused the Celestite crystals to grow outward, pressed into the carbon-rich seabed.
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