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Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam Symbolism and Meaning

A sacred stone for many centuries, Shiva Lingum are shaped from microcrystalline Quartz, embedded with a mixture of minerals from the Narmada River in India. The word 'Lingam' comes from the Sanskrit for 'Symbol' - these stones are seen as a symbol of Lord Shiva and an embodiment of the union between Shiva and Kali or the oneness and unity of all things. The Shiva's shape is both a phallic and a feminine symbol, the 'cosmic egg' that contained our universe. 

Shiva Lingam are used to increase the level of Pranic energy in the body and for third eye activation

Each Shiva is thought to have its own unique spiritual essence. 

The Shiva Lingam stones are sold individually, so you will receive the exact stone shown in the pictures. 

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