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Amazonite Pendant, Sterling Silver

Amazonite Pendant, Sterling Silver

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This is a lovely Amazonite pendant with a bright teal Amazonite stone. You will receive the exact pendant shown. Beloved throughout history, Amazonite's use dates back to the ancient Mesopotamians.  A talisman of love, prosperity & harmony, Amazonite syncs the Heart & Throat Chakras, allowing our emotions to be understood and expressed; this balance of heart and mind leads to the most productive self-reflection & introspection. Amazonite is also a stone of protection offering spiritual and EMF shielding. 


Approx. Stone Size: 22mm X 15mm
Chain Length: 18"
Chain Style: Seamless snake
Ships within 3 business Days
Includes a meaning card
Please let me know if you would like a gift box in the notes at checkout. 

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