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Ametrine Slice, Bolivia

Ametrine Slice, Bolivia

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Rare find! This is a natural Bolivian Ametrine slab with classic Trapiche patterning. Very nice color and clarity, this gem-quality Ametrine comes only from one mine in Bolivia. Typically used in jewelry, the large Ametrine crystals are hard to come by in specimen form. You will receive the exact Ametrine shown. Ametrine is a naturally occurring blend of Amethyst and Citrine.

The person who I get this material works in Bolivia and does his own cutting. According to him, this Ametrine will likely become increasingly rare as the material currently being mined does not have the Citrine color, but rather clear zoning and is going to be marketed as Amecrystal. We'll see!

Size: 60mm x 45mm x 12mm
Weight: 1.8oz
Includes metaphysical meaning card
Includes mine and miner information card

Ametrine meaning from the Book of Stones Revised Edition

Robert Simmons: Ametrine is a harmonious blend of Amethyst and Citrine energies. Amethyst is stimulating to the crown chakra, protective to one's auric field, purifying to one's personal energies and uplifting to the spirit. It can aid greatly in letting go of bad habits and addictions. Citrine is a stone for enhancing mental clarity, creativity, and will. Ametrine combines all of these traits and it brings one's spirituality into harmony with the mind, often catalyzing a profound flow of creativity, new ideas and insights.

Naisha Ahsian: The Amethyst aspect of Ametinre connects one to the spiritual realm, where one can receive instruction from guides, angels or the Higher-self. Once this connection has been established, the Citrine aspect comes into play by aligning one's center of will (the solar plexus) with the third eye and crown. The Citrine energy in Ametinr helps one take clear and decisive action based upon higher guidance and aligned with divine will.
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