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Ammolite Pendant, Sterling Silver

Ammolite Pendant, Sterling Silver

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This is a natural Ammolite pendant made with flashy Ammolite stone. You will receive the exact pendant shown. 

Approx. Stone Size: 18mm X 5mm
Chain Length: 18"
Chain Style: Seamless Snake
Ships within 3 business Days
Includes a meaning card
Please let me know if you would like a gift box in the notes at checkout. 


Ammolite is an opal-like organic gemstone found primarily along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains of North America. Ammonite and Ammolite metaphysical information: Over the eons, Ammonite shells have absorbed the energies of the cosmic and can infuse the body with this lifeforce. While Ammonites encapsulate the ancient energies of the Earth, Ammolite embodies the essence of the ancient heavens. Mirroring the cosmos, Ammolite is thought to help one connect to the consciousness of the primordial Universe. A stone of perfection and knowledge, Ammolites are used as a tool of transcendence and spiritual enlightenment. The multitude of colors present in Ammolite resonate with all chakras and infuse the aura with healing light. 


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