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Aquamarine In Mica, Large Specimen

Aquamarine In Mica, Large Specimen

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Gorgeous! I fell in love with this stunning Aquamarine piece at the Tucson Gem Show. It has excellent clarity and large, intact Aquamarine crystals. There is a unique, cascading bundle of Aquamarines that run right through the middle. Everywhere you look you'll discover another little Aquamarine crystal hiding. Even the Mica is very gemmy. In the center, there are some tiny little pink Apatite pieces. Sits nicely for display without a stand. Unique color zoning in the larger Aquas. 

You will receive the exact Aquamarine shown. 
Origin: Nagar Mine Pakistan
Size: 4in x 3.5in x 2.5in 
Weight: 1lb
Ships within 3 business days. 

Aquamarine is a beloved healing crystal and the official March Birthstone. Once thought to be the treasure of mermaids, Aquamarine invokes the image of a calm sea reflecting the sky. It symbolizes spring, youth, health, and hopes of the future. As a healing stone, Aquamarine is extremely popular for bringing tranquility and a sense of safety. It is a stone of the mind, deepening meditation and even thought to enhance psychic abilities.

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