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Astrophyllite, raw stone

Astrophyllite, raw stone

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This is a genuine, raw Astrophyllite stone. A unique specimen for any collection, this Astrophyllite is covered with fine bronze and golden rays shimmering throughout. You receive the exact Astrophyllite shown. Astrophyllite is a very rare stone that forms golden blades that radiate outwards like a star. Its name comes from the Greek astron meaning star and phyllon meaning leaf. It is a popular stone for collectors and healers. Associated with the celestial, Astrophyllite has been called ‘a gateway to the stars’ for its unique beauty and metaphysical reputation. As Astrophyllite is a bridge for perception, it also activates the highest and lowest chakras, uniting each energy center along the way. It is a stone of fullness, acceptance and transcendence.

Specimen ASTR-0059

Dimensions: 4.5in x 3in x 2in
Weight: 1.6lb
Origin: Russia
Includes my Astrophyllite meaning card
Ships within 3 business days

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