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Azurite, Chrysocolla, Malachite Pendant, Sterling Silver

Azurite, Chrysocolla, Malachite Pendant, Sterling Silver

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This is a beautiful Azurite pendant made with a colorful, natural stone with Azurite, Chrysocolla and Malachite. One of the most popular combination stones in the store, the colors are vivid and it has lovely details up close. Set in .925 Sterling Silver. You will receive the exact pendant shown and a meaning card. Please leave a note at checkout if you would like a gift box.


Approx. Stone Size: 36mm X 22mm
Chain Length: 18"
Chain Style: Rounded Box
Ships within 3 business Days
Includes a meaning card
Please let me know if you would like a gift box in the notes at checkout. 

Chrysocolla encourages spontaneity, physical activity, laughter and saying ‘yes’ more often. The vibrant spark of Chrysocolla can ignite our passions and let us pursue our own happiness without apology. Chrysocolla is a stone of the Goddess, teacher and unification of the base, heart and throat chakras. Chrysocolla helps us turn our thoughts into words and our words into actions. It is also thought to enhance the benefits of sound healing and our experience of music in general. Azurite possesses metaphysical properties associated with intuition and spiritual insight. It enhances psychic abilities and stimulates the third eye chakra, promoting a deeper connection to inner wisdom. Azurite facilitates clear communication with spiritual guides and assists in receiving guidance from higher realms. Additionally, it promotes mental clarity, insight, and the understanding of complex concepts. Azurite is a stone of transformation, aiding in the release of old patterns and facilitating spiritual growth. Some practitioners also associate it with enhancing meditation and promoting a state of deep introspection. Malachite is a stone of prosperity and manifestation, accelerating personal and spiritual growth. Malachite's high copper content and receptivity make it a wonderful tool for channeling negative energy and ailments away from the body. It supports the heart chakra so if perfect for keeping close to your heart. 

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