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Blush Pink Quartz Stalactite Cluster on Stand from Uruguay

Blush Pink Quartz Stalactite Cluster on Stand from Uruguay

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Truly a unique piece. This is a blush Pink Quartz crystal with a large stalactite at the top. This specimen is unique because typically the pink Quartz/Amethyst coming from Uruguay is more drusy with tiny crystals and called "sugar quartz" sometimes. But this piece has larger crystals like the Amethyst and also the blush pink color - so kind of an unusual crystal in general. This crystal comes on a fitted stand for display making it a wonderful statement piece for any collection.

Size on Stand 10in x 4in x 5.5in
(if placed on a shelf, the shelf depth should be 6 or 7 inches to accommodate the specimen and stand properly)
Weight with stand: 2 Kilos
Includes a meaning card and specimen card
Ships within 3 Business Days

One of the most beloved healing crystals, Amethyst is perfect for helping with sleep, anxiety and balancing the mood. Amethyst is a stone of protection, purification, divine connection, enhancing intuition and a breaker of bad habits.

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