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Cassiterite Specimen in Mica

Cassiterite Specimen in Mica

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This is a unique, rare Cassiterite specimen with a shiny black exterior. This one looks like it has shimmery mica "wings" This specimen is perfect for holding and admiring its unique texture. Highly sought for thousands of years, Cassiterite is a rare & important mineral. Referred to as ‘the stone between worlds’ Cassiterite is thought of as a gateway, used in meditation to detach oneself from earthly habits & sync with the great void of creation. A stone of manifestation & destruction, life & death, heaven & earth.

Cassiterite is a rare mineral that has been utilized for thousands of years by cultures across the globe. Most importantly, Cassiterite is the Ore of Tin. The stone's utilization ushered in the Bronze age of humanity. It is commonly sought by collectors but it also has ancient and unique healing properties that are ideal for specific spiritual journies or practices.

You will receive the exact Cassiterite shown
Approximate Size: 1.2in x 1.2in x 1.3in
Weight: 56 grams
Origin: Sichuan
Price includes shipping and shipping insurance
Ships in 2 days from Cape Cod Crystals in Pocasset, MA.
Includes a Cassiterite metaphysical meaning card.

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