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Clear Quartz Stone, Grade A

Clear Quartz Stone, Grade A

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These are lovely, high-quality tumbled Clear Quartz stones with excellent clarity. Each stone has a full shape and is nicely polished. Wonderful to hold and gaze through, Clear Quartz is an essential healing crystal and these tumbled stones are perfect for carrying with you. Clear Quartz is an essential healing crystal for cleansing, charging and directing energy. Considered a master healer, Quartz is thought to be imbued with the healing powers of Mother Nature herself.

You will receive one Clear Quartz tumbled stone like the pictures shown.
Each stone is unique and has its own character.
Each stone measures between .75in and 1in in diameter and .5in - 1in in thickness.
Includes my Clear Quartz Meaning Card
Ships within 2 Business Days from Cape Cod Crystals in Pocasset, MA.


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