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Dragonstone Sphere, 30mm

Dragonstone Sphere, 30mm

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A unique find, this listing is for one Dragonstone sphere with distinct red and green coloring. These have been cherry-picked to ensure each sphere has both red and green color. Dragonstone is an unusual combination of red and green varieties of Epidote, when distinctly red, it is called Piedmontite. 

You will receive one Dragonstone sphere

Origin: South Africa 
Size: 1.1in or 30mm
Weight: 2oz
Ships within 2 business days
Dragonstone is a combination stone, there will be slight texture.


Epidote has a refreshing vibe that inspires the imagination and promotes growth. In the natural world and really in all aspects of life, growth & transformation go hand in hand. Progress isn’t always moving forward, sometimes it’s finding a new way. The paths in life are rarely tidy and Epidote reminds us to enjoy the natural, dynamic ‘shape’ of our own personal journey.

Epidote’s green color and Earthy energy are perfect for nurturing the Heart Chakra and allowing new experiences to enter our lives without fear. A wonderful stone to carry outdoors, in the garden, or on nature walks. Also a beautiful addition to Zen Gardens and adding a little natural green to a collection.


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