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Dravite Specimen, Tourmaline, Warwick, Massachusetts

Dravite Specimen, Tourmaline, Warwick, Massachusetts

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This is a locally mined Dravite Specimen with a spray of Dravite crystals in matrix. Found in Warwick, Massachusetts. A nice little aesthetic piece for your collection. The crystals have nice definition and luster. Dravite is a magnesium rich Tourmaline. 

You will receive the exact piece shown
Box size is 1.3in x 1.3in
The specimen is not permanently attached
Ships in the original Box
Ships within 3 business days

Dravite Metaphysical: Dravite, or Brown Tourmaline, is a stone of grace and comfort. It has a powerful grounding presence and strong earthly energy. A supportive stone for the root chakra, it provides stability, a sense of safety and provides a strong foundation for personal growth. 

In addition to the healing and protective properties of Tourmaline, Dravite is thought to ease turbulence in relationships and make one more comfortable around other people. It has the unique metaphysical property of improving social skills and relieving anxiety in social situations. 

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