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Ethiopian Fire Opal Bracelet, Sterling Silver

Ethiopian Fire Opal Bracelet, Sterling Silver

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Stunning! This is a one of a kind faceted Ethiopian Opal bracelet with high-quality Opals set in solid Sterling Silver. These firey opals have great play of color and are a good size. A wonderful gift , this bracelet comes in a gift box with a meaning card. The enchanting Opal increases creativity and motivation, Amplifies affirmations and meditations. Aids in psychic protection, intuitive communication and astral travel. It transmutes negative energy. Ethiopian Opals connect to the Root and sacral chakra, initiating grounding and expression. Magnifies Kundalini awakening (when the energy flows freely through all 7 chakras) leading to an expanded state of consciousness.

Handcrafted with solid sterling Silver

Max Length: 8.5in

Comes in a Gift Box with a meaning card

Ships within 3 business days
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