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Garnet Stone, Octahedral

Garnet Stone, Octahedral

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These are polished Garnet crystals with beautiful color and texture. These are natural octahedral Garnet stones that have been polished to accentuate their dark scarlet red hue. They are roughly octahedral, some shapes vary a bit. Their fragmented interior and shine make them look like black cherry candies. They appear dark, then show off more of their color when in daylight. All beautiful pieces, hand selected. Garnet is a stone of courage, victory, and love. It is a stone for overcoming obstacles, utilizing our wit and will power and enhancing our passions.

These soft Garnets are wonderful for holding and placing during healing sessions.

You will receive one of the Garnet crystals shown.
Approximate size: .75" to 1" diameter
Origin: India
Ships within 3 business days

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