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Giant Phantom Calcite Tower

Giant Phantom Calcite Tower

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Giant Crystal Tower! This is an amazing Orange Calcite with black banding weighing over 10lbs. This banded Calcite is also known as Phantom Calcite or Zebra Calcite and exhibits phenomenal stripes and patterns. It can stand, making this a wonderful specimen for display. Phantom Calcite is a stone of achievement and breakthroughs. It is ideal for gathering the strength needed for pursuing big goals or making major changes. All Orange Calcite works on the Sacral and Third Eye Chakras, allowing us to understand our desires and see the best path towards fulfilling them.

You will receive the exact Orange Phantom Calcite shown.

Origin: Mexico
Size: 8.5in X 7in X 5in
Weight: 10lb 13oz
Ships within 2 business days
Free Shipping in the US
Includes my Calcite meaning card

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