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Hypersthene Worry Stone

Hypersthene Worry Stone

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These are black Hypersthene worry stones with a brilliant flash. They have been shaped into smooth circles - perfect for holding during meditation and slim enough to carry in your purse or pocket. Very nice quality flash, these were cherry-picked for their bright flash. Also a great pricepoint for hypersthene since it tends to be a pricier stone. 

Hypersthene is an enchanting black crystal with a reputation as a stone of magic. Hypersthene has been associated with aiding clairvoyance and developing psychic abilities. 

You will receive one Hypersthene palm Stone and my Hypersthene meaning card.

Made from Genuine Hypersthene
Approximate Dimensions: 1.25in X 1.25in X .25in
Includes my Hypersthene Meaning Card

* Hypersthene Metaphysical Properties

Many call Hypersthene the Answer Stone, because it is believed to help the beholder make difficult decisions or find solutions to long unanswerable questions or desires. For this reason, Hypersthene is also considered a stone of Manifestation and a powerful tool for discovering and fulfilling one's dreams or life's purpose.

The warm inner light of Hypersthene resonates with the Root Chakra, our foundation. As Hypersthene is thought to bring abundance through manifestation, it is also supportive of the Solar Plexus Chakra, or where we bring our desires into reality and share them with the world. Because of Hypersthene’s connection to clairvoyance, it is also used commonly on the Third Eye Chakra, if developing or enhancing these abilities is desired.

Hypersthene is not necessarily energizing, but it helps us relax and rest when it is appropriate giving us more productivity during our waking hours. It is said to be a stone that knows when you need to sleep, and can you help put aside worries and release built-up tension. It certainly does have a dream-like appearance and mesmerizing effect.

Most commonly, Hypersthene is used to combat stress, fatigue, anxiety and promote a feeling of calm. Interestingly, Hypersthene historically has been used to treat exhaustion or chronic fatigue and today, in modern crystal healing, it is thought to help with Anemia (persistently low Iron in the blood). The most common symptom of Anemia is fatigue/exhaustion. While I cannot recommend Hypersthene for treating any medical condition, it is interesting to think about the ancient connection between Anemia/Fatigue and Hypersthene since this stone does have strong Iron content.

Hypersthene is considered a natural birthstone for Libra

* Hypersthene Mineral Information
(Hypersthene is no longer an official name recognized by the IMA, but it is still commonly used for the midpoint in the Enstatite-Ferrosilite series)

Hypersthene is a part of a solid solution series. Just as two liquids can mix together and become a liquid solution, solid matter can too become 'mixed' when a particular element is interchangeable with another element present in the environment. Over time, replacing just a single element in a mineral will change it into another type of mineral entirely. A 'solid solution series' is how we describe this transition and the steps in between. The minerals Enstatite and Ferrosilite are the 'end members', meaning they are at either end of the spectrum.

We begin with the mineral Enstatite MgSiO3. When Iron (Fe) is present in Enstatie's environment, it can start to replace the Magnesium (Mg). Ultimately, if there is sufficient Iron, the Enstatite will become Ferrosilite FeSiO3, all of the Mg has been replaced by Fe and the Enstatite has been naturally transformed into Ferrosilite.

When there are almost equal parts Mg and Fe, the stone is known (unofficially now) as Hypersthene and has the formula (Mg,Fe)SiO3 - Bronzite is also a step in this series.
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