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Lapis Lazuli Egg

Lapis Lazuli Egg

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This is a large Lapis Lazuli Egg with brilliant blue color and a mix of golden pyrite. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth, discovery, stress relief, and restoring a harmonious state of being. Lapis Lazuli resonates with the throat, third eye and crown chakras. It represents a connection to the divine and celestial realms. A stone of cosmic guidance and mystical influence, holding Lapis is like holding a piece of the night sky. Lapis Lazuli is a 9th Anniversary gemstone and a birthstone associated with September. 


Size: 3.25in x 2.4in x 2.4in

Weight: 1lb 3oz

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One of the most prized stones throughout history; The sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen was inlaid with Lapis. The stone is still highly sought after today. Lapis Lazuli is a striking mix of deep blues and is speckled with gold. One of the most amazing facts about Lapis Lazuli is that the mines that were used to obtain it over 6000 years ago, are still in use today! They are located in Egypt and are the oldest mines in the world that we know of. 

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