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Lavender Labradorite Ring, Sterling Silver, Size 8

Lavender Labradorite Ring, Sterling Silver, Size 8

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This is a lovely purple Labradorite ring made with a Labradorite stone that has an almost lavender flash. Nice flash when worn. Set in .925 Sterling Silver. You will receive the exact ring shown. 


Stone Size: 

8mm x 8mm

Ships within 3 business days

Includes a meaning card and gift box

A stone of the New Moon and universal truths, Labradorite is wonderful for intention setting, developing intuition and new beginnings. Labradorite can be a stone of any chakra, as it can encapsulate all color rays.  All Labradorite is thought to activate the higher chakras, connecting us to the vast universe; Labradorite is used to explore higher realms of thought and deeper levels of consciousness.

Purple labradorite is a more unusual color for Labradorite. It is a protective stone that wards off negativity, balancing yin/yang energies and protecting from psychic attack. Aids in self-awareness and spiritual awakening. An excellent tool for past-life regressions, tapping into your inner knowledge, and intuition. Purple Labradorite clears obstructions to allow a free flow of energy in the body and encourages feelings of freedom and lightness.

Crown, Third-Eye Chakra, Wind Element, Sagittarius, Earth.

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