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Malachite Stone | Large, Tumbled and Polished Malachite, Green Stripes and Swirls


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These are large, high-quality Malachite stones that have been tumbled and hand polished to bring out each stone's best features. This listing is for one large stone like the pictures shown.
Measurements of 3 random stones from the lot (average size).
  • 26mm X 22mm X 21mm
  • 38mm X 26mm X 15mm
  • 30mm X 21mm 19
  • Average Weight is 54 grams
Please note that the hand-polished nature of these stones means they will not be 100% smooth. You may be able to feel the natural texture. Some people prefer a more natural stone -  the small Malachite are smoother if that is your preference. 


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