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Mookaite Chips | Youth & Grounding | 6-8mm

Mookaite Chips | Youth & Grounding | 6-8mm

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This listing is for tiny Mookaite chips - these are natural, colorful Mookaite stones in an extra small 6-8mm size that's perfect for resin projects, gem jars & rollers and using in art projects. Mookaite is a very special stone that is found in only one place in the world: along the Mooka River in Western Australia. It is a rare form of Jasper with unique colors and patterns. It comes in gold, scarlet, mauve and white shades. Mookaite rejuvenates the spirit and physical body; it is thought that this stone has anti-aging and restorative properties. It has gained a reputation worldwide for its phenomenal grounding properties and connecting one to the energies of the Earth.

Stones Measure between 6-8mm (approximate)
Images of stones in my hand show 1oz and 1/2oz size bags
Ships within 2 business days from Cape Cod Crystals in Pocasset, Massachusetts.
Includes a meaning card

Also available in a glass jar or in bulk 1lb option

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