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Pink Calcite Stone

Pink Calcite Stone

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This listing is for one lovely pink Mangano Calcite tumbled stones with gorgeous, glowy color. These were tumbled from large, solid pink Mangano Calcite crystals. Nice transparency or 'gemmy' look - these are Fluorescent stones that glow brilliantly under a black light. All Calcite is cleansing and has a calming energy. Pink Calcite is particularly uplifting and resonates with the heart chakra. Commonly used for removing energetic blockages and during times of recovery or change. Obelisks are four-sided towers with a pyramid top. The Obelisk is best known for its use in ancient Egyptian Architecture as a representation of rays of light and honoring the Sun god. Metaphysically, stone Obelisks are used to release built-up, earth-bound energies and as a conduit to the ethereal realm.

This listing is for one medium/large Stone like the pictures shown
Each stone is unique and will have its own character
Includes my Mangano Calcite meaning card
Ships within 2 business days

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