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Pink Poker Chip Calcite with Pyrite, New Deposit, Hunan

Pink Poker Chip Calcite with Pyrite, New Deposit, Hunan

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Pink Poker Chip Calcite Specimen with Pyrite. Lovely! This is a pink Calcite specimen from a newer deposit in Hunan, Really lovely aesthetic with nicely stacked Calcite crystals and a sprinkling of Pyrite. Looks like a little sculpture. You will receive the exact Poker Chip Calcite shown. Poker Chip Calcite, also called Padagona Calcite, refers to its stacked formation of flat rhomboids. Fluorecenes strongly under UV light. The Calcite will glow magenta which creates a cool contrast with the dark pyrite.

I picked this up at the 2024 Tucson Gem Show.
Origin: Xianghualing Mine (Hsianghualing Mine), Xianghualing Sn-polymetallic ore field, Linwu Co., Chenzhou, Hunan, China.

Size: 3.5in x 2in x 2in
Weight: 9oz
Ships within 3 business days
Includes a meaning card and ID card

Poker Chip Calcite Metaphysical Meaning

In the metaphysical space, Poker Chip Calcite is also referred to as Temple Calcite - each stone beings a little spiritual haven for exploration and growth. It resonates with the crown chakra, harmonizing between the heart and crown chakras. It offers deepened spiritual experiences, divine guidance, and communication with the angelic realm. A great piece held to the heart chakra during meditation. It is a good stone for rebuilding, starting over, or breaking free from a rut. It moves us onwards and upwards on our path. . A stone of grace, gratitude, and personal growth. Pink Templw Calcite resonates more impactfully with the heart chakra and increases feelings of self-love, and divine love, and has a comforting energy.
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