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Prehnite after Laumontite Pseudomorph from Mumbai, Heart Shaped

Prehnite after Laumontite Pseudomorph from Mumbai, Heart Shaped

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An excellent find for both mineral collectors and crystal lovers. This is a rare and beautiful minty green Prehnite crystal specimen shaped like a heart!. This is a pseudomorph specimen, Prehnite after Laumontite. A mineral that has replaced/taken the shape of another is called a pseudomorph. The Laumontite crystals formed first and were overgrown with Prehnite, leaving the Prehnite in the shape of the Laumontite. Hailing from Mumbai, India, this specimen is very large for Prehnite after Laumonite and in excellent condition. Of course, the natural heart shape makes this an ideal specimen for display in any collection.

You will receive the exact heart-shaped Prehnite shown
Size: 7.25in x 6in x 2.5in
Weight: 1lb 7oz
Origin: Mumbai, India
Ships within 3 business days

Metaphysical Information
Inner Peace - the unification of the heart and will - spirit realm communication - connection to nature spirits
A stone of the heart chakra and solar plexus. Its combined earth and water energies unify the heart and mind, bringing to life our desires and allowing for connection to the spiritual undercurrent of nature.

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