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Purpurite Sphere

Purpurite Sphere

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This listing is for one gorgeous, dark purple Purpurite sphere. These are high-quality Purpurite stones with deep, velvety purple color. A rare treat! An uncommon stone, Purpurite hails from Nambia. One of the purest stones of the Violet Ray, Purpurite offers purification of energy fields and opens the crown chakra. Purpurite is a Manganese Iron Phosphate that occurs with Triphylite. Iron is a powerful grounding stone of earth energy and phosphate is a stone of light and air. Purpurite is one of the rare combination stones that builds a bridge between earth and wind elements, allowing for a harmony of the spirit and emotional balance. It also offers a bridge to the divine realm, freeing us of the ego and that which keeps us bogged down in the physical realm. Purpurite is thought to stimulate experiences of ‘rapture or openness with creation. A master stone of spiritual embodiment, Purpurite helps us align our mind with the universal and eternal. Purpurite is excellent for contacting one's spirit guides through meditation or dreamwork. 

Available in two sizes

Smaller: 2cm-2.5cm

Larger: 2.8cm - 3.5cm

Ships within 3 business days 

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