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Pyrite Cubes in Matrix from Navajun Spain

Pyrite Cubes in Matrix from Navajun Spain

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This is a natural Pyrite specimen from the Victoria mine near Navajun Spain. The Victoria mine area is known for these awesome cubic Pyrite formations and are a great addition to any mineral collection. You will receive the exact Pyrite shown.

** The matrix is a river clay so handle with care and do not get wet.

Size: 2.4in x 2in x 1.5in
Weight: 5.7oz
Origin: Spain
Ships within 2 business days
Includes my Pyrite meaning card

Pyrite is a beloved healing stone with a long history of medicinal and metaphysical uses. A magical blend of Earth and Fire Energies, Pyrite illuminates the darkness of the unknown while also protecting & guiding our explorations. Pyrite is thought to facilitate learning, spark creativity, and aid in the development of psychic abilities. It is a stone of prosperity, fortune and abundance.

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