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Raw Smoky Quartz Phantom Point with Tourmaline from Namibia

Raw Smoky Quartz Phantom Point with Tourmaline from Namibia

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This is a raw Smoky Quartz phantom point from Namibia. Awesome, dark color zoning at the top with a tapered, Tessin formation. This point has a rustic, earthy vibe. Certainly a unique piece. There is a bit of Black Tourmaline included within. The term 'Tessin' describes the formation and means there is a tapered shape and striations along the sides. Read more about the metaphysical properties below.

Size: 6.75in 2.5in x 2.25in
Weight: 1lb 6oz
Origin: Namibia
Includes a Smoky Quartz card
Ships within 2 business days

About Phantom Crystals

Phantoms occur when there is secondary growth of a crystal over an existing crystal giving the appearance of a crystal within a crystal. Phantoms are thought to help us overcome obstacles, blockages or have a spiritual 'break through'. It can help us build bridges bringing us closer to friends, family or the angelic realm. Phantoms increase strength and will power, giving us an extra push to keep moving forward. It is thought phantoms can provide added clarity of insight and enhance our intuition.

About Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Crystal is an essential healing crystal utilized throughout history by many cultures. The ancient Druids and Celts associated Smoky Quartz with the Gods and Goddesses of the Earth and Hectate, goddess of the Occult and the Dark Moon. This stone’s smoky appearance was seen as ghost-like to ancient Gaelic peoples, who came to see Smoky Quartz as a symbol of the afterlife and conduit to the spirit realm.

Smoky Quartz embodies both the depths of night's darkness and the serenity of the moon's guiding light. Smoky Quartz opens the mind and expands our perception of this reality. offers us safe passage when navigating the subconscious, connecting with the spiritual realm or unlocking memories. It can help us rediscover old passions and discover new skills or gifts already within us.

About Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline is a wonderful crystal for protection and has been used throughout history for protection: Ancient peoples saw Black Tourmaline as a shield against negative spirits and destructive forces. Today, Black Tourmaline reminds us to let go of our own negative thoughts and work to correct self-destructive patterns of behavior. A stone for turning around one's attitude and attracting positive energy into our lives. Black Tourmaline is a crystal that is used in Chakra healing and is particularly good for the Base Chakra.
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