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Ruby Kyanite Freeform

Ruby Kyanite Freeform

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This is a Ruby Kyanite freeform made with natural Ruby in Fuchsite that has lots of blue Kyanite. When Ruby is present in Fuchsite, Bleu Kyanite natural begins to form around the Ruby inclusion. So technically this is Ruby Fuchsite with heavy blue Kyanite. The properties are the same as Ruby Fuchsite with the addition of the properties of Blue Kyanite.

A stone for the Heart Chakra, Ruby Fuchsite is the perfect combination for love, fertility, and positive growth. The contrasting colors and densities of these stones is a wonderful symbol of unity, togetherness and a lasting bond. Fuchsite, or Verdite, is a form of Muscovite that contains Chromium, giving it a natural, pastel green color. It is also Chromium that gives Ruby its red color. Fuchsite and Ruby both form independently of each other, but occasionally occur together creating the beautiful combination stone Ruby Fuchsite. Fuchsite is pronounced 'fook'site

A high vibration stone, Blue Kyanite is one of the few crystals that never needs cleansing and can be used to clear other crystals. Highly sought for metaphysical purposes, Kyanite’s uses are unlimited. It is considered a universal bridge, as its high vibration opens pathways in the mind and allows for the transfer of energy. Kyanite is thought to enhance psychic abilities, expand consciousness and transition one into deep meditative states. Kyanite aligns all chakras of the body, and is particularly good for expanding the third eye chakra and working on the throat chakra.

You will receive the exact stone shown
Size: 3.5inx 2.2in x 2in
Weight: 1.7lb
Ships within 3 business days
Includes a Ruby Fuchsite Card

The metaphysical properties of Ruby Fuchsite include its ability to blend energies harmoniously, nurturing both the heart and spirit. It has the capacity to amplify intuition and support spiritual evolution, fostering a profound connection to one's inner self. Ruby Fuchsite enhances self-esteem and emotional equilibrium while facilitating clear and empathetic communication. This gem invites individuals to embrace lives filled with love and purpose, aligning chakras and inviting abundance. Furthermore, it serves as a healing beacon, encouraging the mending of emotional scars and fostering self-love.
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