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Sardonyx Bracelet, 6mm

Sardonyx Bracelet, 6mm

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This listing is for one black Sardonyx bead bracelet. Lovely quality Sardonyx beads with just a hint of transparency.

You will receive one Sardonyx bead bracelet
Ships within 2 business days
Bracelet Size: 7in ( Fits wrist sizes 6.8in and under )

About Sardonyx
Sardonyx itself is considered an Earth Energy stone and Sardonyx is a form of Onyx, which associates it with Onyx’s Water-Energy -- this combination of Earth and Water is in harmony with nature. Sardonyx is thought to bring abundance and prosperity, and perhaps this ideal mix of Energy is why; Water & Earth gives us the fertile foundation for growth - but still, we have to plant the seed - knowing what we want is the first step towards achieving our best life. Hold Sardonyx when visualizing goals or considering what brings the most happiness in life to discover what your deeper calling may be. Sardonyx can be a reminder that all the rich soil in the world is useless without a seed and someone to tend it. It is a reminder to ‘grow where you are planted’ or to make the best of our current situation, because there may be undiscovered opportunities or passions to explore.

It is thought Sardonyx is a lucky stone that assists self-improvement, motivation, discipline and willpower - but all of these things are truly motivated from within and at the end of the day, we make our own luck in life. We just need to remember to put ourselves first in terms of what we need to accomplish - even if your desires are to care for others, or you have philanthropic goals, no-one can give more than they have for long. Knowing and nurturing the self, makes it possible to support others tirelessly, experience love truly, rather than the desire to be loved, and give of the self without reward or expectation. Let the bright and gentle Sardonyx be a symbol of your growth and continued journey towards a place of independence, inner peace, and satisfaction.


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